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Seyed Fatollah Sadrizadeh

Date: Feb 2000

کنفرانس بين المللی سازه های هيدروليکی-کرمان ارديبهشت ۱۳۸۰


At present 49 reservoir dams with the capacity of 18720 MCM are

in use in Iran. The quantity of water being regulated by these dams amounts to 27000 MCM, capable of irrigating 1,252,000 hectares of farmland.
Five of the above mentioned dams namely Shahid Abbaspoor, Dez, Arras, Safidrood and Zayandehrood with the capacity of 10850 MCM regulated 75.6% of the supply.
The growth of population specially the urban masses & the improvement of the quality of life, increases the consumption of water regularly. The limited water resources in Iran also uneven distribution of population diversifies, complicates and make it uneconomical to supply the water resources justly for farming, industrial, commercial and household use.
Therefore construction of new dams and water distribution network becomes a necessity and must be followed seriously.
At present from 52 dams under construction, 7 will be operational by the year 2003. The construction activity for 20 new dams will begin soon. Furthermore 126 new dam projects throughout Iran are being studied. Therefore in the next decade, the number of dams in operation will exceed 247 necessitating special attention to the study of the maintenance & repair of such structures.
In this paper initially the specification of reservoir dams in the past, present & future will be reviewed. Parameters such as capacity of dam, lake area, yearly water adjustment capability, irrigatable land and electricity generation are compared and appraised.
The initial discussion is then followed by presentation of indices for comparing and evaluation purposes. Environmental consideration, adjustable water ratio, share of water for irrigation, depth of dam’s water and finally the economical effects of some major dams will be analyzed.
The article is ended by drawing up a conclusion based on this study. A reference list is also included.


Reservoir dam, Power Station, Regulated, Irrigation, Economic Indicators.

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